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United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 114 Collections and/or Records:

Francis Lawton Mobley Papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS1008
Scope and Content The bulk of the collection is a series of letters from Lt. Francis Lawton Mobley to his wife, Rhoda Gaskins Mobley during his time of service in the Civil War. Lt. Mobley illustrates daily camp life for his wife and reports on his general health and well-being. In most letters he reports his current location and the various ailments afflicting the men in his regiment. The most common ailments mentioned were "Brain" fever, chills, measles, mumps, and diarrhea as well as battle field wounds. ...
Dates: 1861-1916, undated; Majority of material found within 1861 - 1862

George W. Bryson correspondence and Confederate currency

Collection number: ahc.MSS631f
Scope and Content This collection contains six pieces of Confederate currency (defense bonds) issued by the state of Missouri to George W. Bryson and family correspondence regarding these pieces.
Dates: 1862, 1940

George Young papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS612f
Scope and Content This collection contains information relating to the military service of George Young during the Civil War. Included are the pension applications he filed for himself and those filed on behalf of his widow, Sarah. Also included is a letter (October 31, 1862) from Young to his parents written during the war from Virginia. The letter describes the weather, an incident where "a man named Allan" accidentally shot off his fingers hunting crows, and the drafting of an "Uncle...
Dates: 1862-1980

Georgia Civil War and antebellum documents

Collection number: ahc.MSS637f
Scope and Content This collection contains a list of names of the Delhi Rangers, Company A of the 15th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry raised in Wilkes County; an 1863 note from the Bank of Chattanooga; a document containing orders for the 13th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry in camp near Bull Run, Virginia; and a promissory note signed by John Wilkinson.
Dates: 1832-1863

Hayden family papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS1183
Scope and Content This collection contains scrapbooks from Julius Hayden and Evelyn Whitner, Julius' granddaughter. Julius' scrapbook contains newspaper clippings from the presidential election of 1860 as well as the first year of the American Civil War. Evelyn's scrapbook contains image clippings mostly of women, children, and animals. Also included in the collection are newspaper clippings from the 1930s and 1940s.
Dates: 1861-1946, undated

Historic newspaper collection

Collection number: ahc.MSS838
Scope and Content This collection contains newspapers that document important historic events and aspects of local, national, and international news. The collection focuses on the following subjects: the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, and special events such as the Civil War Centennial.
Dates: 1886-1993

Hugh Black Civil War letters

Collection number: ahc.MSS31f
Scope and Content This collection contains photo copies of two letters written by Hugh Black, a soldier in the Confederate army, to his wife. He writes about how he feels it is impossible for the Confederates to hold the city and how Atlanta will fall to the enemy in a short time. The date of the photocopies is unknown.
Dates: July 1864

Hunter family papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS371f
Scope and Content This collection contains minutes of the State House and Senate in Milledgeville, Georgia, for 1864 and various papers of E. A. Perkins who married into the Hunter family. The minute book ledger was kept by Ed Walker who later ran a general store in Milledgeville. The papers of Edward A. Perkins include insurance policies, patents on an insect exterminator, harness attachment, and lightning pea planter, a drawing, and a memorial resolution, among other material.
Dates: 1864-1906

J. P. Crane letters

Collection number: ahc.MSS78f
Scope and Content This collection contains copies of letters written by J. P. Crane of the Georgia 66th Regiment. Included are letters he wrote to his father and sister while in Dalton and Jonesboro, Georgia, and Alabama. Also included are letters written by an individual identified as Clinton, who wrote to his wife from Milledgeville, Georgia and South Carolina.
Dates: 1863-1865

J. T. McCormick collection

Collection number: ahc.MSS225f
Scope and Content This collection includes photocopies of letters from J. T. McCormick to his father and brother, and letters to McCormick from A. A. Powell, and John C. White. There is also a bill of sale from Rich C. McCartey to McCormick and a land grant belonging to Patrick B. May of Alabama.
Dates: 1837-1862

Jacob Dolson Cox Civil War diary

Collection number: ahc.MSS76f
Scope and Content This collection contains a photographic copy of a diary created by Jacob Dolson Cox, a Brigadier-General of Ohio Volunteers in which he describes military operations in East Tennessee; Franklin, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; and North Carolina in 1864 and 1865.
Dates: 1864-1865

James Dunwoody Jones papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS191f
Scope and Content This collection contains an 1862 letter from James Dunwoody Jones, a 2nd Lieutenant and Drill Master from Georgia, and his reminiscences of the Civil War. The collection also contains documents relating to members of his family; specifically, a memorial to the Reverend John Jones. The collection also contains a hand written speech to the Confederate Veterans; and two 18th century documents belonging to Elizabeth Munro. The documents appear to be a listing of items on an account. The documents...
Dates: 1788-1895, undated

James G. Bogle research papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS1172
Scope and Content This collection contains research materials from James G. Bogle's study of George Hewett Daniel (1817-1964), a Confederate soldier. Materials include correspondence from literary agents as well newspaper clippings of Atlanta funerals. Also included is correspondence from Daniel to his daughters and information on his family's genealogy. Of particular note are manuscript drafts of parts II and III of Bogle's book titled George Hewitt Daniel (1817-1864).
Dates: 1837-2002, undated

James P. Wickersham letter and biographical sketch

Collection number: ahc.MSS373f
Scope and Content This collection contains a letter from James P. Wickersham on July 17, 1881 to his wife Emerine written during a train ride to Atlanta from Pennsylvania. He wrote that the trip took 34 hours, including a 5 or 6 hour delay because of engine failure. He speaks of Atlanta as "beautiful and thrifty" compared to the city as he saw it in 1866 as it lay in ruins.
Dates: 1881, undated

Jesse R. Griffin papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS858
Scope and Content This collection consists of a scrapbook, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and related documents. The scrapbook was kept by Jesse R. Griffin's wife about him and his topics of interest, which included the Civil War, veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, President McKinley, religion, and Carrollton, Georgia.
Dates: 1880-1946, undated

John A. Caho papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS605f
Scope and Content This collection contains a diary kept by John A. Caho from October 16, 1863 to March 2, 1864. It also contains photocopies of his parents’ marriage certificate, pension applications filed by Ann Jones Caho, medical examination records for both Charles H. Caho and John A. Caho, affidavits from neighbors and medical professionals verifying the conditions of Charles and John Caho’s illnesses, and company muster rolls for John A. Caho. The diary was written while John Caho was in Louisiana and...
Dates: 1861-1875

John Ashley Jones papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS125
Scope and Content Ephemeral items related to the Sons of Confederate Veterans (of which Jones was the national commander), the New York Life Insurance Company, and Central Presbyterian Church of Atlanta (where he served as a ruling elder). Of special interest are scripts and historical addresses from Atlanta’s Centennial Celebration in 1948 and an inscribed copy of Ivan Allen’s The Spirit of Atlanta (1948).
Dates: 1912-1948

John Keely Civil War letter and scrapbook

Collection number: ahc.MSS196f
Scope and Content This collection contains a letter from Captain John Keely to John Ryan of Atlanta about the health of Captain Keely and news of friends. The collection also contains a scrapbook of newspaper articles about Keely and a diary he wrote while serving in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.
Dates: 1865, 1881-1931, undated

John S. T. Hall papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS778f
Scope and Content This collection contains military records, genealogies, and photocopies of family records written inside a bible. Of particular interest is Hall's diary (1863-1865), which contains financial records, notes, and a copy of a letter from his future wife. Also included are copies of John S. T. Hall's records in a Confederate Roll of Prisoners of War, and a copy of Hall's appointment as a notary public in 1875.
Dates: 1863-2003, undated

John T. Cameron Civil War papers

Collection number: ahc.MSS49f
Scope and Content This collection contains five orders assigning Sergeant Cameron to various duties. Three of the five orders were written in Georgia in 1864 and 1865. There is also a certificate of discharge written in June 1865 in Washington, D.C.
Dates: 1862-1865